Plugin connects to Biomart to retrieve additional information about GeneProdcuts.

BioPAX3 plugin

Import and export pathways in BioPAX level 3.

BridgeDbConfig Plugin

The BridgeDb configuration plugin let’s you configure identifier mapping resources to be used in PathVisio.


Plugin enables visualization of complex component node data on the parent complex.

FindYourInteraction plugin

The FYI (FindYourInteractions) plugin suggests suitable identifiers for the interactions by querying

Gene Set Enrichtment Analysis Plugin

Gene set enrichment analysis plugin for PathVisio

GO plugin

Basic GO plugin to visualized genes annotated with a specific GO term.

HTML export plugin

Exports pathways and pathway statistics results as HTML pages.


Plugin to visualize data on Interactions.

MAPPBuilder plugin

Automated way to create data nodes from file.


A mini map view of the pathways that allows easy navigation in larger pathways.


NIMWiz assists looking up identifiers for named metabolites/genes


The PathSBML plugin allows researchers to visualize and overlay data on the same pathway models they use in simulation experiments.


PathVisioRPC is an XML-RPC interface for PathVisio.

Quick Search Plugin

The Quick Search plug-in adds a search box with which one can search for identifiers and text within the pathway that is currently open.

RegInt plugin

Visualize regulatory interactions in the side panel of PathVisio

SBGN plugin

Draw diagrams with the Systems Biology Graphical Notation (SBGN)


Importing baseline expression data from Expression Atlas


Convert a pathway element into another type, e.g. Label into Metabolite.

WikiPathways plugin

Browse, search and update pathways from WikiPathways