Each public database supported in PathVisio has a specific system code that is used to identify which system a particular identifier belongs to (based on the BridgeDb datasources list).

The following list displays the proper system codes for PathVisio:

DataSource System Code Type
Affy X probe
Agilent Ag probe
BIND Bi interaction
BioCyc Bc gene
BioGrid Bg interaction
BioModels Database Bm pathway
BioSystems Bs pathway
BRENDA Br protein
CAS Ca metabolite
CCDS Cc gene
ChEMBL compound Cl metabolite
ChEBI Ce metabolite
Chemspider Cs metabolite
CodeLink Ge probe
Database of Interacting Proteins Dip interaction
dbSNP Sn gene
DrugBank Dr metabolite
EcoCyc Eco interaction
EcoGene Ec gene
EMBL Em gene
Ensembl En gene
Entrez Gene L gene
Enzyme Nomenclature E gene
FlyBase F gene
GenBank G gene
Gene Wiki Gw gene
GeneOntology T ontology
Gramene Arabidopsis EnAt gene
Gramene Genes DB Gg gene
Gramene Literature Gl gene
Gramene Maize EnZm gene
Gramene Pathway Gp pathway
Gramene Rice EnOj gene
HGNC H gene
HGNC Accession number Hac gene
HMDB Ch metabolite
HomoloGene Hg gene
HPRD Hp interaction
Illumina Il probe
InChIKey Ik metabolite
IntAct Ia interaction
InterPro I protein
IPI Ip protein
IRGSP Gene Ir gene
KEGG Compound Ck metabolite
KEGG Drug Kd metabolite
KEGG Genes Kg gene
KEGG Glycan Kl metabolite
KEGG Pathway Kp pathway
KEGG Reaction Rk pathway
KNApSAcK Cks metabolite
LIPID MAPS Lm metabolite
LipidBank Lb metabolite
MACiE Ma protein
MaizeGDB Mg gene
MatrixDB Md interaction
MetaCyc Mc interaction
MGI M gene
MINT Mi interaction
miRBase mature sequence Mbm gene
miRBase Sequence Mb gene
NASC Gene N gene
NCBI Protein Np protein
NCI Pathway Interaction Database Pid pathway
NuGO wiki Nw metabolite
OMIM Om gene
Oryzabase Ob gene
Other O gene
Pathway Commons Pc pathway
PDB Pd protein
Pfam Pf protein
PharmGKB Drug Pgd metabolite
PharmGKB Gene Pgg gene
PharmGKB Pathways Pgp pathway
PhosphoSite Protein Pp protein
PINA Pi interaction
PlantGDB Pl gene
PubChem-bioassay Cpb metabolite
PubChem-compound Cpc metabolite
PubChem-substance Cps metabolite
Reactome Re pathway
RefSeq Q gene
RESID Res protein
Rfam Rf gene
RGD R gene
Rhea Rh interaction
Rice Ensembl Gene Os gene
SGD D gene
Small Molecule Pathway Database Sm pathway
SMART Sma protein
SPIKE Sk interaction
SPRINT Spr protein
STRING Str protein
SubstrateDB Sdb protein
SubtiWiki Bsu gene
SUPFAM Sf protein
SWISS-MODEL Sw protein
SwissLipids Sl metabolite
Systems Biology Ontology Sbo ontology
TAIR A gene
TIGR Ti gene
TTD Drug Td metabolite
TTD Target Tt protein
TubercuList Tb gene
UCSC Genome Browser Uc gene
UniGene U gene
Unipathway Up pathway
Uniprot-TrEMBL S protein
Uniprot-SwissProt Sp protein
Wheat gene names Wn gene
Wheat gene refs Wr probe
WikiGenes Wg gene
WikiPathways Wp pathway
Wikidata Wd metabolite
Wikipedia Wi metabolite
WormBase W gene
XMetDB Xm interaction
ZFIN Z gene