PathVisio 3.3.0 was released on 22 January 2018

PathVisio allows you to create, view end edit pathways, visualize experimental data and perform pathway statistics. A basic plugin manager is integrated that allows easy installation of the plugins in the online repository.

Important! Java 10 is currently not yet supported. We are working on upgrading PathVisio but for now you will need to install Java 8 to run PathVisio.

1PathVisio 3.3.0

Get the Java webstart program. Requires Java 6-8. Install plugins through the plugin manager. Check installation instructions if needed.

red-white-pearl-download-arrowDownload Java Webstart version

red-white-pearl-download-arrowBinary Installation (run pathvisio.bat or file)

1Identifier mapping databases

Identifier mapping databases from BridgeDb. Takes care of identifier mapping in PathVisio.

red-white-pearl-download-arrowFind the correct database!


Use pathways from WikiPathways for your analysis in PathVisio.

red-white-pearl-download-arrowDownload a pathway collection!



* Go through the Getting Started section,
* Check out our troubleshooting FAQs,
* Contact us!

Do you want to use an older version of PathVisio, you can find them in the archive.

As part of the National Resource for Network Biology, PathVisio is using the code signing certificate from the Cytoscape Consortium non-profit organization!