1Download PathVisio

Download PathVisio

Double click the java webstart file to download and install PathVisio. The program launches automatically after installation.

2Download Identifier Mapping Databases

BrigdeDb provides mapping databases for gene products and metabolites. The gene databases are species specific while the metabolite identifier mapping database is not.

Download the gene identifier mapping database for your species of interest and the metabolite identifier database.


3Load Identifier Mapping Databases

Load the gene and metabolite database you downloaded in step 2.

  ├── Menu Bar
  │   ├── Data Menu 
  │   │    ├── Select Gene Database : Browse and Select the Mouse Gene Identifier Mapping Database.
  │   │    └── Select Metabolite Database : Browse and Select the Metabolite Identifier Mapping Database.

Select a database and click Open Database to load it.

Now, you are all set to:

  • Create & Edit biological pathways
  • Visualize Data on pathways that you create or download from Wikipathways
  • Perform Pathway Analysis

Have a look at the tutorials for more information.

Having problems with the installation? See our FAQ or Contact us.

Good Luck!