ComplexViz is a PathVisio Plugin. It has been developed specially for simplifying visualization of data on the many complexes of Reactome pathways.


Version 0.1.0

Features include:
  • Highlighting components of a complex
  • Showing complex components in the Components sidepanel, also with the data visualized
  • Calculating scores for complexes based on a user-defined criterion
  • Visualizing the complex scores on the complex nodes to highlight the complexes of interest
  • Change border colour of a complex and its components to highlight whichcomponents belong to which complex

  1. Download and start PathVisio
  2. Open the Plugin Manager: Plugins » Plugin Manager
  3. Click the Install button for ComplexViz
  4. On success the plugin will be displayed in "installed plugins". If some error happens a message is displayed
  5. You can now use the plugin. Check out the plugin page to get started

If you have problems installing this plugin, please contact us.

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