The PathSBML plugin allows researchers to visualize and overlay data on the same pathway models they use in simulation experiments. Exporting these models as GPML would also allow them to be uploaded to Wikipathways for community curation.


Version 1.0.0

- Import SBML models (local files + directly from Biomodels)
- SBML sidepane shows model structure
- Backpage shows model annotations
- Validate SBML models.
- Apply layout to the imported SBML model (Does not work for large models)

  1. Download and start PathVisio
  2. Open the Plugin Manager: Plugins » Plugin Manager
  3. Click the Install button for PathSBML
  4. On success the plugin will be displayed in "installed plugins". If some error happens a message is displayed
  5. You can now use the plugin. Check out the plugin page to get started

If you have problems installing this plugin, please contact us.

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