This plugin connects to the online pathway databases, WikiPathways, and allows users to search and browse pathways from PathVisio directly. It also enables updating and upload functionality (special permissions are required which can be requested from the WP developers).


Version 1.1.3

Feature release
  • BridgeDb webservice connection

Version 1.1.2

Feature/bug fix release
  • updated WP Java API library (3.2.3) and BridgeDb libs (2.2.0)
  • plugin takes wpid command line argument and opens WikiPathways pathway with that identifier on startup
  • special characters in username and password are now not causing problems anymore
  • description is added to pathway when uploading a new pathway
  • before uploading new pathway, plugin checks if organism is set correctly

Version 1.1.1

Updated Java library version. Fixed bug in search by xref function.

Version 1.0.0

First release with search, browse, update and upload functionality.

  1. Download and start PathVisio
  2. Open the Plugin Manager: Plugins » Plugin Manager
  3. Click the Install button for WikiPathways plugin
  4. On success the plugin will be displayed in "installed plugins". If some error happens a message is displayed
  5. You can now use the plugin. Check out the plugin page to get started

If you have problems installing this plugin, please contact us.

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